Grandparents Day

Grandparents (or alternate special guest) are invited to join us for the day.  We have a fun filled morning that concludes with a special presentation from the children .

Christmas Concert

This is our first major event and the children prepare an evening of entertainment. Family and friends are invited to watch the children showcase their talents with a very special concert about the true meaning of christmas through songs and drama.

Mothers Day Tea

Moms, this is your day to join us for a special day. The children always look forward to spending the day with you, and as they get ready for a mini concert, you get to have a short time visiting with each other over a cup of tea. 

Sports Day

 This Day is dedicated to Dad's.  They probably don't want a tea party and  love sports.  On this day you are invited to join your child. You  will have a morning of laughter as you play a variety of sports games. 


This is our last performance of the year.  You and your family and friend will enjoy and evening of laughter and fun as you watch your children perform another major concert. The graduating children will receive their diplomas wearing a gown and cap. There will be photo opportunities as well as a variety of snacks to enjoy. 

Picnic in the Park

You are invited to join us for a last Hurrah before Summer at a local water park just down the road.  Everyone is welcome

Field Trips

We plan events for the children outside the classroom locally. Some places we like to visit are ice skating,  a local dairy farm, the local fire department and the pumpkin patch.  Parents are responible for transportation and any extra costs for these outings.