Our program is designed to be a fun environment but at the same time to teach a child about their social and acadamic life. We have weekly themes with structured and unstructured play times where children can explore and play together. All of our classes are open to 3&4 year olds as well as being inclusive and welcoming to those who have special needs. 


Social Studies

We have a lot of fun learning about our world.  We venture into space, go to Japan, explore the world of dinosaurs and under the sea and many many more themes. We also learn social skills, manners, problem solving, respecting others and self awareness.


Fun Family Phonics

We are pleased to provide the Fun Family Phonics program.  This unique program  uses stories to connect the symbol to the sound that the letter makes.  We learn that the sounds connect to form words.  This is reinforced in our daily routine. 



Math is all throughout our programming. From math in our circle time, math at our centers to math outside.  The children will learn numbers, counting, patterns, sorting, sizing, shapes, colours, directions, and spatial awareness.



Art is a very personal, creative,expressive and educational experience for each individual child. Each one will express it in their own way.  

We foster this development by providing the necessary tools. Our art program includes gluing, painting, cutting, ripping, different mediums are also used. We also learn to appreciate others works and ideas.


Music and Movement

Each day has music in it whether we are cleaning up to it or just having fun. We include a variety of music styles from classical to rock and jazz.  We also include a variety of fun movements with different mediums. 



Science and Nature

We love to teach the children about the world around us. One of our biggest excitements of each year is hatching baby animals in our incubator. 

Our program includes a variety of experiments and hands on learning. Some are teacher oriented and others are student oriented. 

Bible Stories

We share the knowledge of God with our large colourful felt story board. The children will hear that God made all things, he is powerful and all knowing.  They will also know he is always present, all loving and completely righteous. They will learn valuable moral and spritual principals.